1Tm:4:12: Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

Paul’s charge to a young man devoted to God is a great point to ponder on. Timothy was a young man who was being instructed by Paul to take over ministry since Paul was on the verge of retire…having fought the good fight, ran the ran and kept the faith. In this charge, Timothy is being charged to ensure that his life is an example to the BELIEVERS in speech, love, spirit, faith and purity.

There are two things to look at here,one, Timothy, in this instruction was clearly to set the example, not to non believers but to them that were in Christ. It thus spurs in me an urge to evaluate myself and think of how good an example I am to other members of the faith. Many times I have been in forums where we say that the way we live might be the only Bible a non Christian ever reads, which in essence is intended to drive the desire of living the word of God (total surrender and obedience). There is, however, the aspect of fellow believers. The preacher (Ecclesiastes) says that iron sharpens iron. We are meant to extol each other and encouraging one another the more as we see the day approaching. That explains our internal affairs.

Secondly if you are a Christian, you are supposed to represent Christ. The question here is not whether you are you are representing him, but HOW. In my class (3rd year urban and regional planning) there is a complain about class space. Our class has about 60 students and the only reason why we fit in there is because only about 70% of us are present in class at any one particular time. As the semester draws to a close and  more people are catching up with the academic momentum, the demand for larger space is getting louder. In this regard, our class representative wrote a letter addressed to the department chairman to provoke him to get us a space that currently is being used a s cafeteria. In that letter, the current situation has been described as ugly, uncalled for, obnoxious, cantankerous amongst some other big words that simply mean “bad”.

To make my point, I was walking towards the hostel with a class mate and we were analyzing the letter and without our knowledge one of our lecturers was behind us and he overheard our talk. “I think I saw you in Church yesterday” he said and I replied in the affirmative then he said, “Why the words then?” Immediately it dawned on me that what was innocent analysis to me was testimony to another.

A few days back, the security guard at the building entrance stopped me and reminded me that he had seen me facilitating a crusade in the rain. Then he commented that he dint  think I was “in that line.” I said thank you and walked away feeling very evangelical and powerful only to stop 10 steps away and think “how many times have I walked through that door and ignored the book where one is supposed to sign if they have a laptop?”

Our actions speak more loud than words. Am tempted to improve the way I represent my LORD JESUS CHRIST and am so falling into that temptation.


© Thuo Issa, 2014


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