To lead a Church…

drops of greatness

drops of greatness

One of my good friends recently wanted my advice. she had got a job offer that was pleasing for a student. 6,000 shillings a night for a club job where accommodation, food and transport are provided. Quite a good offer especially for her since she badly needed the money. It would have been easy to just state, “take the job but be careful my sister, this is the 21st century.” But then I remembered the scripture in Hebrews 13:17 …leaders are men who must give an account…” There is no way I was going to give a seemingly innocent and safe advice. I quickly led her to Philippians 4:19 “…and my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Case closed. No matter how much she needed the money, hosting a karaoke night in a club was not an option, you are the daughter of a King, the maker of heaven and earth, who owns THE EARTH AND ITS FULLNESS.

The day we understand that God’s work is HIS work, is the day we will do it as if it was HIS. Every so often we are tempted to feel good about ourselves after engaging in a spiritual act especially one that is not ordinary. Like doing that one week dry fast while you are a student or being the pioneer of a project in the context of a University Christian Union. But then, its your obligation, right? Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves….Phil 2:3. It is this attitude of Paul that will help us to appreciate that leadership is actually a privilege, as opposed to a task. God is able to raise standards for Himself and raise men to be able to stand on those standards with excellence.

As a leader in the church of Christ, I choose, today, to walk in humility, look unto the interests of others and allow God to work in me. This way, whatever I do, at the back of mind mind I will know, its for God, through me, to His church (the chosen) for His full glory. i work with full understanding that I am but a passing wind, given the power to blow, whatever I deposit or blow away will eventually be put before me as I give my account.

To lead the church is akin to taking care of a bride. The groom would kill you if anything bad happened to his bride especially one that tarnishes her, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Whatever she eats and wears, where she sleeps, her security and  general welfare should be as important to you as your own life is. The church is the bride of Christ, as the shepherds of it there is no way we can compromise the standards. We must deliver her pure not otherwise, knowing the more that we are part of this body, we groan daily, beat our own bodies and strive on towards the mark. We didn’t get to heaven then got a call to come and take the rest, we are sojourners on the same pilgrim, washed of the blood of the same lamb and  bearing the marks of the same saviour.

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