People, not things

Today, I will tell us of the story of Simon Makonde. Simon Makonde was born on Sunday, he was named on Monday, he was married on Tuesday, he was taken ill on Wednesday, he was treated on Thursday, he died on Friday and was buried on Saturday. That is the simple story of Simon Makonde! Did Simon have a life? Yes! He lived to have a name, a wife, a disease, a visit to the doctor and to the morgue before ending up in the grave, the very place all of us are headed.
But if I ask my friends today, they probably will tell me no. Simon did not live to drive a car, to attend numerous business meeting and close magnanimous deals. Some for a good reason, like Patrick will say he didn’t even go for a mission or at least attend a crusade somewhere (these are very critical, for clarity purposes). Just this week Monday, I was having a chit chat with a lady friend as we walked across a famous parking lot in the city. This lady kept lamenting how she would never buy a small car like a vitz, a sienta, B15, NZE or others in that class preferring to use PSV or walk until she could amass enough money to afford an X6, ML 360 4matic or any other in the class of classy 4x4s. At that point, I asked her, “what for?”
And here are my question ladies and gentlemen, what do you live for and when will you start living for them? Continued devotion to “stuff” and every time being “tight” or “held up” worse still “doing something” is slowly eating into our humanity. Everything we do for “me” I dare say is fruitless. Like Socrates puts it, beware of the barrenness of a busy life. It is time we quit living for things and start living for people. I mean, today if president Uhuru meets his high school teacher, the teacher will be very proud that he taught the president. Then begs the question, who has a life? By all means, at least by world SI unit, it is the president. Issa will ask, who has the contentment? Of course it is mwalimu. As H.E Uhuru is busy thinking of how he’d quench tribalism, corruption and internal party politics, his teacher is busy making the next president, in a classroom!
The thing about living for people is that, you never need to strain. Just be good with those that have been entrusted to you. For mwalimu the teaching methods, content of the syllabus and modes of operation in school will generally remain the same. Only students are variables. I believe it is easier to have new monkeys adapt to an old, renowned forest than it is for old monkeys to adapt to a new, cold forest. Now, we must have a president, ama? But this guy has got to remember its Kenyans before Kenya. I mean, what is Kenya without Kenyans? Make me have a reason to wait for tomorrow and be sure I will be more productive that when I live looking forward to the next day with closed eyes like one who witnesses the accident in which they died.
Better a life lived satisfactorily though it may lack the pleasure of much wealth in terms of notes and coins but it is worth much more than gold and silver. Whenever you are up to your next meeting, business and safari or before you sit on your computer to wish the hours away, ask yourself, is this going to make someone smile? Remember, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to be and to do, everything else is secondary. Again, you cannot change something that you are unwilling to confront. Live for people this year.

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