As I wish to seem

as i wish to seem

1Tim 4:12 Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.
One of my greatest dreams in life is to be an inspiration to change in the world. Whenever am left alone, I lay personal strategies, write down poems and pieces about what I want to do and even give landmark speeches to huge crowds of people. If I am with friends, colleagues and acquaintances I talk about it, how I want to be this transformative governor for my home county, how I look forward to bringing up a son who will be an impactful man and I can go on and on and on. Paul gives a charge to Timothy, a young man that he should be an example not of anything but to believers, meaning that even the believers themselves need someone to look up to. In verse 16 of 1Tim 4, Timothy is told to take heed of himself, watch and guard his doctrine closely, for his own sake and that of his hearers.
As a young man, am more conscious of the fact that in the future lies a pack of responsibilities that only a man can handle. I want to be a man. That is my target. Talking to one of my friends as we walked through campus, we couldn’t help but lament at the poor strategies of upbringing we see in our families nowadays. Young men she told me have become non doing words, anti-verbs. Their volatility has scaled up and few of them are willing to fold their sleeves and get their hands dirty, literally.
3 years ago, when I joined campus, my daddy told me something that has kept me sober. You see, I have never been a bad son. As a first born, I have always excelled, my life has been seamless, dad must be so proud of me. On this day as he bade me goodbye after introducing me to Moi Avenue he said, “You have been a good son, uphold that. Take this (some money) and handle yourself, you are a man.” Wow. With that, he got into the car and left, leaving me there with a big brown bag that had my stuff. Well, am a man, I settled, found my way around, got to know Moi avenue is not the only way to campus, am now a stable Kenyan.
What dad did was to activate me. Mahatma Gandhi puts it this way; strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will. That is what am seeking. As a Christian, I have the advantage of a superior moral standard whose achieving will get me to being an example unto believers. Many times, I fail, this I accept. What I have learnt is that whatever I do, I employ passion. If it moves my heart, I will give my all and if I fail, I don’t remain flat on the ground, I rise up and dust myself as I press on towards the mark.
One final thing, harmony. As I work towards being as I seem, I must bring me and myself to harmony. Who I am and what I am must never lock horns. How I seem and how I am should be just one. This makes me free, free of worry, free of insincerity, free of insecurity, free! Am not afraid that somebody will find out something about me that may jeopardize the way they view me. But am not there yet, I must accentuate, because every day I learn and as I learn I grow, as I grow I become one then become as I wish to seem, then achieve freedom. Freedom however is not worth having if it doesn’t include the freedom to make mistakes. Mistakes make us, they ring a bell and get us alert, only don’t keep making them, learn from others, employ thy self into improving you by other mens’ experiences, so that you can gain easily what others have labored hard for.

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