To all faithful Shephards

Do you think it is a small matter?

To be the king’s son inn law?

To marry the princess, the jewel of the king?

When you are a common citizen,

A keeper of your father’s sheep?

No! it is not!

You’ve got to fight big wars

Be at the battle’s front line

Put your common life at risk

That you may qualify, at least

Keeper of your father’s sheep.

What if the king asks for a price?

100 foreskins from his enemies!

And you must present the full number

Now you’ve got to kill, to win love

Faint heart won no fair lady you know

Keeper of your father’s sheep.

Now what if her father is…

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

Yes, I got you! The sovereign Lord

It is His daughter whose hand you seek

A princess before His eyes, and you…

Keeper of your father’s sheep?

But you got to win, hmmm!

Lay down every weight

Have nothing to do with ungodly men

And with old wives’ tales

Walk not in the counsel of the wicked

Fight the big war, get those foreskins!

Keep of your father’s sheep.

To be the King’s Son in law is big!

I mean, you’ve become a prince

But! You must be faithful with the sheep

And it will be said of you

Well done! Good and faithful shepherd,

You have been faithful with many

And now, I will give you one!

An insightful question,

A wife of noble character who can find?

The only answer,

A good wife comes from the Lord!

Now, God is good and…

A good God will never give a good wife…

To a bad husband, a killer of his Father’s sheep.

© Thuo Issa, 2015

To all faithful Shephards

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