This Is It!


In 1957, there was not a single interdenominational Christian gathering in Kenya. The spirit of colonial rule was hovering over the land, the blood of patriots yearning for independence was fast growing hot, the state of emergency was at its peak and all the prophecy of the famous, then unsullied, Mugo wa Kibiru had already taken root. The snake was alive and the butterflies were all over, clothed in impunity. In the midst of all these occurrences, however, Kenya was on the verge of a new birth. Her sons and daughters were questing for knowledge and some had already joined the crop of national leaders in the then Legislative Council (Legco).

It was at this time that a few elite men sat down and initiated the Royal Technical College which gave birth to the Nairobi campus of the University Of East Africa and eventually to what is now the University of Nairobi. Deep within the systems of this great institution of higher learning, were a people with the fear of God. They had taken the way of the cross, studying and practicing the Word of God and only missed out on fellowship. The university was however not a church and so, what would they have done? Eureka! Form an interdenominational Christian gathering and call it a Christian Union (CU). And that is how the Christian union movement in Kenyan institutions began. It was the birth of what is now the Main Campus Christian Union (MCCU) of the University of Nairobi.

I have been a member of MCCU since September 4th 2012. The experiences, opportunities, lessons, sermons, friendships, relationships and fellowships I have had, heard and made here are the reason for who I am today and will most definitely influence who I will eventually end up being. I learnt to pray, to hear from God, to say NO, to let go, to embrace, to lead, to sing and got to have my gifts surface and get nurtured. It is here that I have been formed and from here that I am being launched. It would be dreadful for me to talk about the University of Nairobi and leave out MCCU.

Any student who joins main campus and misses MCCU ultimately misses half of their life! This is particularly a challenge to those who have tasted of the good of MCCU to come out and tell of the goodness of the Lord in their lives through the Christian Union. Well, there are those who prefer the comfort of denomination and others who would love to explore the city, it is well. Their number can exhaust of the numerous that are unchurched and more who are lost in off beam places. They ought to come and be light shining as a city set on a hill like the vessels of light, be part of the army of God not involved in civilian affairs like the Soldiers of Christ, become part of the rebuilders of the Lord like the Nehemiahs, be victors in God’s might like the Conquerors in Christ and many more that have gone ahead and others yet to come.

MCCU has been the platform where my Biblical worldview has been grounded, firm and deep. I have learnt that the greatness and awesome works of God are continually revealed in nature, in our conscience, through Jesus Christ and through the Bible that we may worship Him in awe of His glory. Our worship must be accompanied by the lifting of our holy hands and this means that we, constantly, must be holy – birthed of righteousness – just as our fathers (in Israel too) in the ancient days cleansed themselves of sin (because of the fall of man) using the blood of animals and had to do so all the time! But God! Because of His great mercy and love powered by grace, gave us Jesus. Oh, Jesus! Lamb of God who was slain, He takes away the sin of the world, delivers us from death unto eternal life only if we believe.

MCCU has over the years in the lives of many contributed to our knowledge of God, upholding the truth and exposing us to prayer, the Word of God and fellowship faithfully extending Godly comfort. Home away from home. This is it! Glory be to God for His precious gift.

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