“Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.” 1John 2:6

Today, I heard an interesting story…

In one country there was a law that it is illegal to eat porcupines. In this country lived a man who was a hunter. He would get his daily meat from the woods. Clear in his mind was the law, “it is illegal to eat porcupines.” He had a craving though; to taste and feel what porcupine meat tastes like. So he took his bow and arrow and got into the woods, careful, or so he thought, that no one saw him.


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As sure as the sun rising from the East, he found a porcupine to hunt and aimed at it. No sooner had he pulled the bow than came a voice, “Hey man, don’t you know that it is illegal to eat a porcupine?” Someone was watching! Teren.

“But am not eating it, am hunting it,” replied the hunter, full of porcupine desire. He then went ahead to shoot the porcupine and carried it home. Excited like a bride, he got down to slaughtering and skinning ‘his’ porcupine, then the man in the woods showed up again.

“Hey man, don’t you know that it is illegal to eat a porcupine?”

“But I am not eating it, I am only skinning it,” porcupine desire replied. He went on, done with the harder part, he started cooking the porcupine.

“Hey man,” he heard, “don’t you know that it is illegal to eat a porcupine?”

“But I am not eating it, am only cooking it.”

Careful not to let any piece fall out of the pot, hunter man prepared himself a sumptuous meal of porcupine meat. After saying grace, he sat down to…guess what! Index finger in the soup and then up to the tongue…tasty! In the part of the world I come from, it is called tasting the salt.

“Hey man! Don’t you know it is illegal to eat a porcupine?” Thundered the voice of the observing man again, this time with a twitch of deep concern.

“But I am not eating it, am only tasting it,” porcupine desire replied.

You and I know how this story ends.

Is it not the same with those of us who chose not to follow the path of light and truth? Those amongst us, of the household of faith, who are playing around with sin and sinful acts? We have consciously chosen the path of deceit and paid a deaf ear to the voice of truth that continually whispers in it, “go, and sin no more.”

Have we not crafted nice ways to sneak from the way of life? For no one will say, I am quitting the faith so that I can have sex with my girlfriend or so that I can go out and party, drink myself stupor and ruin my body with bhang. No, it is always a small sweet reason, “we are not fornicating, we are only being carefully romantic, and nothing serious happens between us.”

“Of course, I did not drink the heavy ones, just a little sip of 4% wine mixed with mango juice.”

We cling on to the porcupine and when we have dipped our finger to taste, it is downhill from there. Our desires for the pleasures of sin override the deep desire of the soul to obey the statutes of God. We subject ourselves to the craftiness of sin, master its manoeuvres and weave for ourselves a high and dry well of temporary satisfaction which in the end is filthy and destructive. Porcupine desire in us soothes our wretched flesh and with the onset of hopelessness, goes ahead to seal our death, the completion of disobedience.

Friends, we died to sin, how can we live in it any longer? (Romans 6:2). Have we not one who speaks to the Father on our behalf? Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ is the atoning sacrifice for our sins. We must, in humility and total surrender submit ourselves to his grace and mercy. I call us out to drop whatever porcupines we have and pursue obedience. For there comes a day and a sure time when we shall stand before God’s holy throne, to account for all that we have done.

Michael Ots who told the porcupine story said, “Disobedience will not only slow down your faith, it will completely ruin it.” We have only now to say YES! To the truth and to walk in the light just as Jesus did.

Those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, get drunk at night. But since we belong to the day, let us be self-controlled, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet… (1Thess. 5:7-8).



We know that we have come to know him WHEN WE OBEY.

4 thoughts on “PORCUPINE DESIRES

  1. Truly amazing I am challenged…..porcupine meat desire is a familiar ground to me but now I will not think of hunting it to begin with though it’s a bit of a struggle I’m getting somewhere

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