I Became a Man

I’ve became a man
The result of the cross
For I find no other place
With such a sure embrace
Burden rolled away, sight beheld
I’ve became a man, redeemed

I became a man
The result of desires
Desires of death, impure
Soaked in His blood divine
I was cleansed, made pure
I became a man, transformed

I became a man
For I made some wealth
I worked for gain, to eat of my sweat
Till I discovered all is in vain, naked I came
I consist not in abundance of possession
I became a man, content

I became a man
Amplified by my pockets
A bribe that opens doors
Oh, how I thought I made it!
What was curved, He straightened
I became a man, integrity

When I entered the sanctuary of God
I understood my Identity
Giving up my right to be a man
I took up the place of a servant
Opting to rest in His Love
To rise in the power of His Grace
So that when my days are over
I will be counted faithful.

For what I considered gain
Was all rubbish, stinking dung
What I considered pleasure
Stuck fangs of venom in me
Where I thought was safe
Brought anxiety and fear
The depths of my pockets
Only enough to be my grave

Grace has rescued me
From perishing manhood
Love has lifted me
To thriving in holiness
I pursue me no more
He is making me a man
The man I should become.

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