Tuesday Morning

It has been 7 months away from home. A whole experience out here. Living in Norway has been a remarkable experience. There definitely is a lot to talk about and hopefully we’ll do so, slowly. As I rumbled through my journal, I came across this one. About a Tuesday morning…enjoy.

I have a crazy idea about alarms. That if you set them at a convenient time like 6:00, 7:30, 8:15 etc. they always will turn your plan upside down then laugh at you quietly. My Dr. Quick solution is to confuse my alarm by appearing to be very time specific. If I want to be up by 7:30 am, I set the alarm to go off at 7:28 am, you see? Then I can snooze it 10 minutes (to log on) till 7:38, another bomb specific time.

Today was one of those days when I behaved like Windows 98, I logged on for 66 minutes and ended up waking up at the time, I usually would be getting into the office. I thought to call Carol (my teammate) but said to myself, if she has not called, she has not woken up, every elephant with its tusk. Good morning dear Jesus, I say with a shy, guilty, sleepy face and hurriedly, I don’t wait for the reply there. Grabbing a towel, I run to the bathroom and do what I must do, quickly. Am out in record time.

As I dress up, I discover new talents. I can multi task! Am negotiating within myself about breakfast and lunch. It is clear that if I have any respect left for my reputation, I cannot afford even to eat with the eyes. See the conversation between the late and early me.

L: Man, why the hurry, you are late already, relax.

E: But you have set a pace for yourself, you need to keep it up.

As this happens, am struggling to push clothes from top and bottom. It is winter, and it is not your grandmother, so you must wear warm or die. Simple.

E: Look, you have an assortment of fruits in your fridge, pull some out, go made fruit salad in the office and challenge everybody with your healthy options.

L: Which fruit now?

E: One banana, one apple, one kiwi and…o, never mind, you do not have the time to pack grapes.

L: Ok, well done.

Finished dressing up, picked up my gloves and ran quickly to the kitchen. I envy Kristian, my house mate. He even has the time to slice avocado into small circular pieces for his bread. How lucky can a man get? “Good morning,” I say as I place down my gloves to free my hands for the fridge grabbing that is about to take place. He is slow in replying. The doctor is having a patient morning (pause and giggle, c’mon), he aint got no worries. “I have to run, see you in the evening,” I say to him as I throw my three fruits into my back pack and run for the door.

As I descend the stairs, I remember my gloves. No debate, turn back, go pick them. You do not negotiate with 0˚ hot weather, do you? I have 2 minutes before the bus leaves and the moment I step out the door it is heal me my leg. I go up hill towards the bus stop like lightening, panting heavily as I adjust my bag on my back and hold the gloves in hand. It is raining, so am ducking the rain but it seems to be so closely knit, conspiring against me.

Am at the bus stop just in time for it. I slump on the seat and unzip my jackets to allow some cold air to hit my neck and calm down my pulse. I will make it to the office just in time for the morning meeting. The bus takes exactly 6 minutes to get to the city. And I have to run again to the bybanen (the light rail) because I cannot walk in the rain all the way to the office. It also will give me time to read a few verses of Luke 19 which I need to read. It is about Zacchaeus, troubled short chief tax collector who climbed a sycamore tree to see the Lord.

5 minutes to the start of the meeting, I bang myself into the office. Dress down from out there to in house clothes and set my grown hair to look like it went to school. It has been a fast morning. Barely 45 minutes after opening my eyes, am in the office ready for the day. “Morgenmøte!” Einar’s voice goes. I ease myself to my space, put down my bag and pick up my Bible, ready to join the Morning Prayer. It is Tuesday, the longest working day of the week.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning

  1. Wee, can you be delivered from this up and down thing just because you snoozed your alarm. This reminds me the 5min preparation time for lecture in ADD. Heheheee… then you seat painting like a small lamb. I love the piece and the usage of our mother land ‘Thimos’ with clarity of meaning.

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  2. such an interesting read! i have really laughed(at you ofcos), hehe and i remember how many times i decide to play on my alarm and i had up the one played on. lesson, just don’t play with the alarm, it is always right.

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    • Try this trick on the alarm; on a day you are having an easy morning, set the alarm at a time when you do not intended to wake up. When it goes off, look at it, laugh, switch it off and step on the blanket like nobody’s business….thank me later.


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