200 and 500


Luke 12:29-30 And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them.

When the preacher in Eccl. 10:19 claims that money is the answer to everything, he meant it. I mean, today, with money one can do as much as become a king. This week I have been the witness of two scenarios that got me thinking.

Scene one: in a medical school class, it is break time. Most students are out of class probably to grab a snack but then there are the usual students who prefer to stay in class and just be quiet-this is medicine. At one corner of the class is a group of dudes. They are laying down strategies; the target is to get a hug from one lady in class, the prize, two hundred Kenya shillings. The trouble is that this is not your every day campus lady. She knows her boundaries and random hugging and handling is not her forte. The motivation is two hundred shillings probably contributed from within the group. So the dare devil steps forward and walks with confidence towards target. To get you there before me, they end up slapped! Yeah, that is what a sensible girl should do anyway.

Scene two: Andy (not his real name) is a computer programming guru. He takes random jobs from campus students especially involving repairs on software for both laptops and mobile phones. The guy is smart and he is cheap, which is just about the right combination for HELB earning comradiae. This particular day, Andy has got a job. To recover data for an urban planning third year student (my classmate). The risk for the student is to lose all his semester work and I can assure you that would be right next to suicidal. Andy clearly understands what is at stake but unknown to my friend, he has decided to take advantage. So they strike the deal and the pay, five hundred Kenya shillings. In an unusual turn of events, Andy loses the laptop and reports it as stolen. But unfortunately, technology has caught up with this programming guru and from his whatapp account, one can tell that he sold the laptop (Probably for 20k). Needless to say, he faces the full wrath of blood thirsty comrades and only cheats death due to quick response by university security.

200 too much.

Just what can a campus student do with 200 bob? or say 500 bob. I asked this question again to my classmates and I got varied answers. To pay a debt, buy breakfast for like four days, pay for swimming pool or buy a flower for a girlfriend (its love month you know). But are these things worth receiving a slap (and missing out on the hug anyway) or dying in the mercy of merciless comrades? This just shows the value we have attached to ourselves. Andy the programmer makes many 500 pieces of money daily but on this one he thought it was time he made 20k easily. I mean, why all the mess guys.

All things provide for.

Probably for the need to eat or to pay a debt, we go to extents unimagined to get some money. But am choosing to go with the assurance of Christ that my father knows that I need to take care of all my worries. Have you had the assurance of a father working out things for you? There could be nothing better. God will not drop 200 bob on my door each morning. He doesn’t work like that. The catch here is to seek ye first His kingdom and He will add all these things. Add here means that on top of kingdom value, you getting every other desire that you have longed for and this again, if the motive is not for evil.

Philippians 4:19 And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

If you ask me for some money, may be, I am only able to give or lend you in proportion to what I have. One thing am sure is that, especially because am human, I will not give all the whole amount I have so that I am able to meet my needs too. How about God. He is providing according to his glorious riches, and especially because he is God, you cannot exhaust what he has! God owns all the silver and gold. The earth and its fullness belong to him.

On a light note!

William Somerset Maugham puts it this way; money is like a sixth sense and you cannot make the use of the other five without it! Jackie Mason takes it further that money is not the most important thing in the world, love is. Unfortunately, I love money.

Well friends, the love of money is the root of all evil. I hope I can be more careful with my expeditions and money chase. And to always remember that in all things, the standard is the word of truth, the word of God. Whether 200 or 500, its not worth it if am dead or have lost my dignity.

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