I have a name with a Muslim origin, Issa. Interestingly, its means “the messiah” who is the redeemer of the people with a Christian faith. As far as I am concerned, I have never been a Muslim, never. In fact, to keep away the overly curious, I refer to my name as Swahili. My younger sister is Rehema, so am not in isolation, and I love my name! Had I been born in a Muslim family, I probably would be one and for them who are keen on names, mine would have been relevant. But I was not. Born in a Christian family and taken to Sunday school, taught to give an offering and go to church every Sunday and to respect my elders, be careful how I talk and behave and be honest. Faithful child I have been, excellent.

But is that it? Is a christian one who goes to church or one who does not know what exactly they are but find themselves in an environment that depicts christian behavior? Am not convinced. Christian goes deeper. It is akin to being like Christ. Getting to the place of Paul in Galatians 2:20…I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. I have been to forums where the topic for discussion has been the existence of God. We are in a country where civil society works strike because there are no salaries, yet they are the most corrupt and where ladies walk in town dressed in “tricky” attire ending up in public shame after being undressed. Here, negative ethnicity sprawls  and lately, the sexual orientation debate is warming seats, in parliament, in the church and in the media. The 21st century is here, post modernism has taken over, seemingly not waiting for its time!

Am challenged to make my saviour known. Not that he is unpopular, no. Jesus is a name you cannot feign ignorance about. At least if you could access this blog post, it means you have interacted with knowledge about him. My trouble is, do you really know him? The value you attach to someone is dependent on how much you know and have interacted with them, by any means. My interaction with Christ has created in me a value system that has set Him high above every other man I know. I have come to a position where my concern is really how He feels about how I live. Am not there yet, “Christ lives in me” is a level, and am determined each day to get there so He lives my life and I quit giving Him all that I think I cannot handle or making Him a consultant in hard times.

This world needs more complete Christians not Church goers or people with Christian names. And come to think of it, names! John, James, Peter, Mary, Faith, Patience, Purity, Jacob, Phillip, Elizabeth, Grace, Moses among many more are the same names we hear of men and women who have lived not so excellent lives, yet they bear nomenclatures that squarely qualify them to be Christians, ceteris paribus. A name carries your nature, purpose and position. Not that it matters as much but in our African setting, the naming of children was much more than solutions to identity crisis. The challenge here is not to try and change your name, am not changing mine, but to gain the very identity of what we as Christians identify with, Jesus Christ. More of us complete in Him will surely transform this world into a better place.

My idea of life is this; in everything, make progress. Progress my Christian life, so that it really is Christian. Make a point of being an open Bible, activate my action, bear every good fruit and make my feet beautiful. Christian is about the life, the beating of the body, pressing on towards the mark, fighting the good fight and keeping the faith. If you yet are unsure of your standing with Jesus Christ, it is time to make things right. If in the category of them that are of the vague idea that God exists not, remember life is very finite. There is more to death than a lifeless body, think beyond the obvious.

Working towards complete, are you?

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