As we gather…

Reminds me of a first time. The first night I spend in His presence. We were just about 25 of us, the praise and worship team of the main campus christian union. I did not know what to expect, just how does a man, with all his weariness spend 6 hours in prayers? What will I be telling God? I presumed that he knew pretty much what I needed so prayer for me, then, was just a matter of reporting for duty and making myself relevant in the corridors of heaven! That particular night was cuddling for me, I felt an inferiority especially when we were given some 2hours just to go before the Lord and worship Him. God deserved it and to make matters best, I received a reawakening in my Spirit, a renewal of a kind, one of a kind. God began in me a newness that to date still is relevant.
Over the 2.5 years I have been in campus I can confidently say that god has been at work in me. My doctrine has matured, my perspective got an intelligent twitch and my world view turned totally Biblical. And this Friday, 28th November 2014, another chance is coming my way. I take it not as us but more about me. Because as we gather we are of different faith, and we gather for different purposes but am gathering for the revival, it really has to start with me. As we gather we build each other in our spirits and the gathering of saints singing praises to God is so amazing, it pleases God that he actually dwells there in.
I await patiently for the promise, I look up to the heavens in expectation, earnest desire, to see the Lord, and King Uzziah doesn’t have to die!
As we gather this Friday in Main campus, University of Nairobi, carry your own desire, your own depth of emptiness and lets hung on each others faith, as we gather to wait upon the Lord.

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