Not Always


Not everything will work the way you want it to

Not all people will see you the way you want them to

Not all the time your moods will remain the way you want them to

And not everybody will view your situation the way you do

No, not always.

Not every morning will be bright and shining

For at times the sky will be covered in dense dark clouds

Not every bird chirping today will be chirping tomorrow

Sometime death will catch up with them

Not everything will remain tied to a script

No, not always.

Not always will you have money in your pockets

Some you will lose, give away, save and still some will be stolen, sometimes by your own hands

Not always will you afford what you so much crave to have

Sometimes your own hand will be stingy to yourself

Not always will you enjoy as you would wish to

No, not always.

For there is made a time for everything under the sun

To plant and to harvest, to cry and to laugh

A time and a season which always must come to pass

To scatter and to gather, to speak and to be silent

Not everything will happen together though you may wish it so

No, not always.

Ye cannot discover anything about your future

But He is alpha and omega, everything happens for, by and through him

God; everything he does will endure forever Nothing can be added to or taken from it

He will is good, pleasing and perfect

He has made everything beautiful IN ITS TIME: not always.

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